Week 5 – Still Preconditioning

Unfortunately, my life has been absolutely crazy and I haven’t been putting my normal amount of focus on my running. It’s more of an UGH for me right now. Like ugh I have to run after work even though its so HOT and I’m so TIRED. I ended up doing 4 runs this week because two of them were so short. I don’t know what is going on with me, but all of my runs I’ve felt like I was absolutely dying. I hope this doesn’t continue. I’m trying to increase my mileage and my amount of running vs walking, but I have just really hit a wall.

Monday – June 10th


Tuesday – June 11th

  • 1.09 miles
  • No walking intervals
  • 13:56 average pace 😩

Wednesday – June 12th

  • 2.20 Miles
  • 13:25 average pace
  • Two walking breaks

Thursday – June 13th


Friday – June 14th

  • 3.5 Miles
  • 11:55 average pace
  • 5/1 intervals
  • Wedding Cake tasting!

Saturday – June 15th


Sunday – June 16th

  • 1.04 miles
  • 12:23 average pace
  • No walking

Overall I had one good run this week and that was on Friday. I do think running in the morning works a lot better for me, but unfortunately with my work schedule I am not able to do that unless I’m off that day. I’m going to look at incorporating more runs inside to deal with the heat. One of the things that really helped me in the heat was my SIS electrolyte gel. My favorite flavor was salted strawberry. It helped me feel revived during my run and I was able to go a little further. I highly recommend you try their gels.

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