Week 3 – Preconditioning

Memorial day weekend. I have to say I was definitely slack this past weekend. I did go running, but it wasn’t my focus for this week. I did get in my first Fartlek workout and that was super tough! I’m finding with the farmers markets and working all week, I have a hard time getting myself to run on Sunday. I just want to take the day off completely. I also received my Knockaround sunglasses in the mail and took them for a spin this week!

Monday – May 27th (Memorial Day)

  • 2.10 Mile run
  • 12:09 minute pace
  • Ran the whole time, no intervals
  • Ran in the morning and enjoyed the day eating watermelon and chilling by the pool!

Tuesday – May 28th


Wednesday – May 29th

  • 2.58 Miles
  • Fartlek workout
  • 11:45 average pace
  • 1 Mile warm up, 1 min hard/1 min rest for 1 mile, and .5 mile cool down

Thursday – May 30th


Friday – May 31st

  • 3.5 mile run
  • 12:12 average pace
  • 5/1 intervals

Saturday & Sunday

Farmers market and rest!

This was a tough week for runs. It was super hot, and I felt like I was going to puke during my fartlek workout (that one really kicked my ass). Here’s hoping next week is a little easier!

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