Upcoming Races

It’s been about a month since my last race. I’ve definitely been taking things slow and I’ve been a little slack. It’s time for me to get back in the groove and start training again. The best way for me to do this is to add a little pressure. I’ve got 3 bigger races I’ve signed up for to add that pressure.

July 4th – Peachtree Road Race

If you are a runner or even just someone who lives in the South, chances are you’ve heard of the Peachtree Road Race. After all, it is the world’s largest 10K. This years marks the race’s 50th anniversary so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate. I made sure to register as an Atlanta Track Club member so I would be guaranteed an entry. If you aren’t familiar with this race it’s a hot and humid one. Located in Buckhead this race starts on the 4th of July. Crowds are huge and hills are hard. I’ve looking forward to participating this year. https://www.atlantatrackclub.org/peachtree

50th Race
World’s Biggest 10K

October 27th – AthHalf

What started as an office bet became an agreement to run a half together. My boss has wanted to get back into running for a while, and I told him all about my training, and half marathon in April. This sparked his interest. I asked him if he wanted to do a half marathon. I offered to do it with him. He said to give him a few days to think about it. I was able to find a race in Athens (where he’s from). He agreed and now we are both signed up for the AthHalf. This is a smaller race with a lot of hills, but it’s in October so it won’t be too hot. Bonus, you get to finish at the UGA Sanford Stadi and enjoy beer at Creature Comforts a local brewery. https://athhalf.com/

November 17th – Rock N Roll Vegas Half Marathon

Two years ago, I signed up for the Rock N Roll Vegas 10K and ended up only doing the 5K due to injury. I watched the setup and start of the Half Marathon and from then on I have wanted to run the strip at night. This is definitely one of my bucket list races and I am so excited to run it! It is the one of the only times they shut down the strip at night. Vegas is such a cool place for a destination race. I always visit In’N’Out burger and this time I’m going to Momofuku noodle bar. I even got a discount code because I am a BibRave Pro. You can use it too! Use code “19RNRBRP16” for $16 off half/marathon and “19RNRBRP6” for $6 off shorter distances. https://www.runrocknroll.com/en/Events/Las-Vegas/The-Races/Half-Marathon

All these races seem great, and I’m excited to start my training!

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