5 Tips for Dealing with the Post-Race Blues

You had your race and it was awesome! Now what?

I recently went on a trip to run a race in Disney. I trained for my race for three and a half months. There was a lot of build up for me. I spent almost every day, mentally or physically training for my half marathon. On top of that, I was planning aspects of my trip so I had the build up and excitement for an upcoming trip to occupy my time as well. The excitement for my trip and race occupied most of my time an energy for those three and a half months. It’s what got me through all those hard workouts and miles. Now that I’ve been back I’ve been feeling kind of blue and definitely unmotivated. I reached out to some friends in the running community for advice on how to deal with my post race blues. Here is the advice they gave me with a little of my own mixed in.

1. Change Up Your Routine

Before my race, I was running the same route every week. Since I’ve been back I haven’t felt like going there. One of the things I was recommended to do was change up my running routine. Go somewhere new, or at a new time. Maybe meet up with a group or go with a friend. Just make sure you experience something new and refresh your love of running.

2. Volunteer for a Race

I was told that volunteering for a race is another way to get motivated. Watching others succeed can motivate you and get you going. Volunteering always gives you a refreshing perspective of what all it takes to put on a race too. It always makes me appreciate what a time commitment it is for the volunteers. It’s a great way to refresh your love of running.

3. Run for Fun

When I was training, each run had a purpose. I was always running for specific time or mileage. I wasn’t running just for fun. Another suggestion I was given was to just get out and run for fun. Don’t have a plan or schedule just get and enjoy running.

4. Work on Speed

A lot of practice runs for a race are not focused on speed. None of my training runs did I really focus on the speed, it was always the distance. Incorporating some speed work into your runs can add variety to your running routine.

5. Sign up for another race!

The last suggestion for reviving your running motivation is to sign up for another race. Get back in the game and add a little pressure by signing up for another race. It gives you a goal and something to work for.

Since trying out most of these suggestions I’m feeling better about my running. I think the one that really helps me the most is to sign up for another race. For me I need that little bit of added pressure to keep me on my toes. I’m looking forward to the next 3 races I’ve signed up for and getting my running mojo back. Let’s do this!

UPDATE: I’ve signed up with a running coach and he’s working on a custom plan for me. I’m running two half marathons this fall and I’m ready to start training. Especially since I’ve got my wedding and honeymoon coming up too!

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